We use VIACOR's high-performance liquid plastics

VIACOR's high-performance liquid plastics stand for performance and responsibility throughout qualityproduct life.

Modern two-component plastics are an essential part of our lives. Hardly any other material offers such a broad range of shaping and application opportunities. The principle is copied from nature and was in operation millions of years ago.

Epoxy resins are derived from crude oil nowadays and are liquid "all-rounders" when it comes to durability and aesthetic potential.

Polyurethanes are based on castor oil, a renewable vegetable-based raw material, and are an ideal substance for use in elastic and decorative coatings in particular.

VIASOL coating systems are second to no other materials in ecological terms and contribute to creating a comfortable environment that is beneficial to health. At the end of their useful life, our products also offer problem-free disposal, which is something that cannot normally be taken for granted.

Our claim:

To be innovative, safe and always better than required

Our products and systems satisfy all applicable standards and regulations, but VIACOR products go beyond these requirements.

Safe, environmentally and installer-friendly products - all aspects of environmental protection and occupational safety are taken into consideration. VIACOR products operate reliably and are easy and safe to process; the results are visible. The technical documentation is up-to-date and informative.

High-quality products - stringent quality testing from the raw material stage through to the end product; quality control is provided both in-house and by independent institutions and material testing institutes.

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