The lasting and visually appealing solution to sealing problems

Reliable and installer-friendly sprayed film systems from VIACOR - based on high-quality polyurethanes for new buildings and restoration projects:
VIASEALSPRAY COATS prevent the penetration of moisture and harmful substances into new structures and obviate weak points during restoration work:
jointless, permanent, economical and visually appealing.

spray2Retained value and significant time and cost advantages are powerful economic positives for the "Rolls-Royce" of sealing methods:
short laying and curing times permit a daily surface covering rate of up to 1000 m2 to be achieved. Surfaces can be walked on after as little as 15 minutes, and are able to support static loads such as scaffolding. There is no need for additional work for rails, flashings, joints requiring regular maintenance, etc. This makes areas sealed with VIASEAL virtually maintenance-free.


To seal the following:
damaged waterproof concrete
through structures (e.g. underpasses)
non-insulated and insulated roof structures fit for traffic (with pressure distribution plate)
indoor sprinkler stations and the like
basement garage covers or other extensively and intensively planted surfaces
water features and the like in urban design

Liquid films - the second skin for your building


resistant to low temperatures, permanetly elastic from -40°C to +80°C, vapour-permeable, extremely durable (no shrinkage), resistant to root penetration and microbe-resistant pursuant to DIN 4062, early rain-resistant und unplasticised
no gaps: ideally suited to all fittings such as dome lights and ventilation domes, drainage systems, etc.
problem-free injection method is used to seal all gemoetric cross-sections, even vertical surfaces
protect against UV exposure and colour-adjustable due to high-quality end seal that's easy to apply
no fire risk or unpleasant smells on the structure because of cold application
applied directly to structural concrete or other solid bases
VIASEALSPRAY COATS are attached firmly to the structure: no underseepage even when leaks occur; no wind penetration
easy to connect or work on when extending surfaces or re-working existing seals
problem-free disposal and thus superior to bituminous material and all mixed products such as mat / plastic / bitumen sheeting

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